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    ◆Model No:EKLEAD-001


    ◆Material: ABS

    ◆Supply Voltage: 85-260V

    ◆Power Consuption: <5W

    ◆Item Size:5”*3”*1.5”

    ◆Coverage Square Range: 1000sq.ft

    ◆Available for:Warehouse, Hospital,Office,Shops,Barns,Hotel,Storeroom

    ◆Emitted Frequency:20,22,27,32,40,54,80,155KHZ

    Product Description

    feature2Absolutely clean and  safe : Kick those freaking pests far away from your home or place of work with eklead electronic&magnetic&mechanic wave pest repellent device. This is the safest and most reliable way to keep a pest-free home without the use harmful poisons, sprays or traps which can be harmful to kids,pets and the entire household. Eklead  pest repellent device does not kill pests and produces no odour. With Coverage large working area up to 1000 Square Feet which can suitable to plug in Warehouse, Basement,Hospital,Office,Shops,Barns,Hotel,Storeroom etc.
    feature2Latest Technology combination of Acoustic& Visual repelling effect. Ultrasonic  & Electro-magnetic &Mechanic sound-wave : This  State of the art  device is a display utmost human intelligence. It uses a safe and reliable technology which  gives out a constantly changing high frequency sound that is in-audible to human ear but so disturbing to pests that it drives them far-away from the vicinity of your home when the device is at work. Also



    feature2Zero maintenance cost : Eklead indoor plug pest repellent requires no clean-up of dead pests because it effortlessly drives  them away without messing up your home. This is a  cost-effective way to make your home bugs and rodents free without having to repeatedly  invest thousands of dollars in expensive pest control services.



    feature2Drives all pests : Eklead  rodent repellent device is very effective against  a wide range of pests which include, rats, bugs, roaches, mice. This is a device must have in your household if you  want a  home  free  on invaders . You can regulate the intensity of activity  of the device by adjusting the frequency between 20k-155k HZ.



    feature2Long Time GUARANTEE or Get Your Money Back – This product is backed by our one year satisfaction guarantee with FCC certificated. We will be always here to help each clients to work out the pest problem in their room. If you don’t like it or you didn’t see any effect,we will offer the money back policy.

    Additional Information

    Weight 0.5 kg
    Dimensions 14 x 11 x 6 cm


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