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How Do this EKLEAD Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Works?


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How Do this Ultrasonic pest repellent works?—The theory of the device is fairy simple and totally workable for use indoor for humans and pets! check below:

Sonic Repelling Effect:

best-electronic-pest-repellent-for-rat★Are you fed up of mice, rodents and pests damaging your house, munching on your wires and food? Then you are at the right place!Our EKLEAD new version effective Plug-In pest repeller works by emitting a sound with a really high frequency ranging from around 20k-155k Hertz. 


 ★Our most effective electronic pest repellent uses high frequency human inaudible waves to shoo away the pesky pests.This frequency will be changed automatically in order which human beings can not hear it clearly…but your dreaded creepy rats,mice,etc will do. These pests have extra sensitive hearing and the sound disturbs the heck out of them! This best in class pest repellent created by EKLEAD is effective against most of the pests like rats, mice, rodent,spiders, cockroach, ants and many others. It will affect pests badly and they will never get used to the undulatory signal emitted by ultrasonic&Magnetic&Mechanic wave pest repellent.

eklead electronic pest repeller

★Let us understand this with a scientific perspective. Human ears are sensitive to sound frequency up to 5k-10k HZ while this sensitivity for most pests is above 20k. As a result the ultrasound waves coming from our pest repellent range between 20k-155k HZ as a result of which they are ineffective to humans but drive pests crazy eventually compelling them to leave your house. This device keeps changing its frequency ranges which prevents pests from adapting to these frequency. This really helps get rid of pests very efficiently. Not just this, it has an inbuilt blue led light which drives away rodent and other flying pests. You might ask how? Most of flying bugs have optic sensitivity for only some colors and blue is one of them. Constant exposure to blue light drives them away keeping even the smallest insects away from your house. It is a best in class innovation incorporated in our pest repellent.

【It is proven no harmful to humans and it does not kill pests but drive them away from the comfort of your house hence prevents the mess. EKLEAD pest repellent also prevents new pests from entering your house which keeps your house safe and pest free. This is what makes our ultrasound pest repellent product a must buy】



Visual Repelling Effect:


★Rodents, insects, mice,ants and any other pests may prove very harmful if they live in the comfort of your house. They may create a havoc in your house and can be reason for many diseases and damage to your house property like wires, food etc. Our pest repellent comes to rescue in such cases and will help you get rid of them at ease without any foul smell or hazards. Completely safe for human,pets and livestock.

Based on years of experience and laboratory research, the pests,like rat,mice,rodent are very sensitive about the flashing light, especially the blue type. Our indoor electronic pest repellent is developed efficiently to compel rodents, mice, rats, fleas, ticks, spiders and other common pests away from protected area by high frequencies flashing blue led light. It won’t flashing all time as that pest will get used to it in the night, on the contrary, it will constantly working by interval mode. Every five minutes in a circulation will scared the bad pests in a effective way.

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