electronic pest repellent

Absolutely Clean and Safe !

Zero Maintenance Cost !


100% Environment and Eco Friendly. No Toxic Chemical, Poisons,insecticides, or Traps! Safe for your Family,Children and Pets. No radiation or harmful to human ears.

EKLEAD Indoor Plug in Pest Repellent requires no clean-up of dead pests because it effortlessly drives freaking insects away without messing up your home.Save hundreds or thousands of $$ on expensive pest control services every few months.

Use EKLEAD Safe Electronic Pest Repeller,professionally combined with sonic and visual double repelling functions to protect Your home,warehouse,etc.Assured to see drastic results within 3 weeks.


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Have a Pest Control Problem?

Are you fed up of those rat,rodent, cockroaches, ants, spiders, coming to your house? Then you do not have to worry because we are here to help you out.We at Eklead, bring you the best Indoor Ultrasonic insect Pest Repellent electronic device with high quality and affordable price to improve your home life. Try it and install it today!


“This is working very well for me I started seeing cockroaches in places I have never seen them, as if they were trying to get away. I will buy more of this unit in the lobby area of my apartment where they have been many cockroaches, I know it will definitely clear them.” —-Sam Robinson,CA

“Every year I get the little rats in my kitchen. I’ve used ant traps, sprays, home remedies, and just about everything you can imagine! They always come back in a few weeks to a month. I decided to give Eklead ultrasonic Pest Repeller a try. Since then I have not seen any red ant again.”—Moss Beelois, OL

“We put this product in the basement because that is where we normally hears the most movement , It has been two months now and no sounds from the rodent, I think that flashing led light works great than other brands we bought before. So we purchased another unit and put it on the lower level on the farthest wall and haven’t seen any more in or around the house.” –Joseph A. MI